Conford college science block
Conford college science block
Concord College upgrades science block

Concord College, Shrewsbury has a new state of the art science block, and Zumtobel’s Panos Infinity and Slotlight Infinity luminaires were chosen to enhance the overall appearance of the main entrance.


The new two-storey science block incorporates 21 laboratories, a special projects lab, classrooms, prep rooms and offices. 300 science students will be able to use the facilities at any one time with those who are studying the three core sciences, biology, chemistry and physics, visiting most days of the academic week.

Interior lighting

Zumtobel’s Panos Infinity and Slotlight Infinity luminaires were installed in the stunning entrance area to provide soothingly pure, uniform illumination. Panos Infinity blends into the architecture, providing a light approaching natural daylight, with pleasant colour temperatures and the option to adjust to an individual’s preference.

Energy savings
With up to 135 lm/W and a high colour rendering of over 90, Panos Infinity downlights are twice as efficient as conventional downlights and the potential for energy savings of up to 70%with the DALI version and additional savings through lower maintenance costs.

Zumtobel’s Slotlight Infinity LED creates an excellent, continuous flow of light with no shadows, that complements the unique design of the space. Slotlight Infinity installed into the modular ceiling and corridors provides an eye catching, streamlined strip of uniform light.


High tec control
Zumtobel Litecom was used to control the lighting and allow the college to provide different scenes as well as dynamic control utilising the natural light. The college can control the lighting and create new scenes easily via a tablet, smart phone or web browser.

Simes Lobby, utilised for the canopy downlights, is a high performance, outdoor LED downlight designed by SIMES R&D using new and powerful software to study and maximize the heat dissipation.

A main optic, with acid-etched diffuser, increases the homogeneity of the luminous flux, a secondary optic distributes the light without glare.

Exterior lighting
For the exterior of the facility, IP67 rated acdc Magna compact, in-ground, triple LED marker light & wallwash luminaires have been installed in the ground against building to deliver 350lm with minimal glare. The acdc Novus round deep recessed, low glare architectural downlights have also been incorporated. Novus offers an excellent range of interchangeable, highly efficient optics to deliver 1000 and 2000 lumen packages with fixed and adjustable variants. The innovative Simes MicroRing round luminaires installed in the ground leading towards the entrance are characterised by a high level of mechanical resistance and excellent lighting performance.

The facilities it deserves

Concord now has state-of-the-art facilities befitting of it's ranking as one of the country’s top STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) schools according to government backed education campaign Your Life – a three year campaign to ensure the UK has the mathematics and science skills it needs to enable young people to succeed in today’s global economy.

"The new science block has literally taken our breath away,” said Concord’s Head of Science Barry Brown. “The gasps and thrills of our students were something I haven’t previously experienced in my 31 year career as a science teacher and this new science building is going to be a terrific attraction for local and overseas students to study at Concord College.”

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