School Discount | Yeoman Shield Wall & Door Protection

Upgrade Your School’s Hygiene and Reduce Maintenance Fees

Saving Maintenance Budget

The everyday wear and tear in a school caused by foot traffic and cleaning quickly takes a toll on the building’s interior design and leads to expensive maintenance costs. Our products greatly extend the lifespan of your school’s interior, shielding against the scuffs and scrapes of daily school life.

Promotes Hygiene

Our wall and door protection is also inherently hygienic. Manufactured from “rigid” PVCu, it does not support the growth of bacteria or mould.

By preventing scrapes and dents on walls and doors, it also provides an easy-to-clean surface which can be thoroughly disinfected.

Creating an Effective Learning Environment

Studies have also shown that students working in a tidy and presentable workspace have an attention span of more than 50% on tasks before giving up; by preventing damage to your school’s interior, our products help create a smart school building ideal for learning and which staff and pupils can be proud of.

Our protection panelling is also completely customisable, allowing you to clad your school interior in the school colours or add markers and department names straight into your wall protection.

We are currently offering a 10% school discount on all of our products as well as installation! Our installation operatives are currently available to carry out work whilst following strict COVID-19 safety measures and government guidance. This offer is for a limited time only - contact us today to discuss the needs of your school.


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