How to Promote Safe Social Distancing in Learning Environments

With social distancing in effect, until further notice, universities and colleges across the UK must adapt. Teachers now have the difficult task of changing the way in which they work and interact with students to adhere to these highly important measures.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that talk has now turned to interior design. Many organisations are now reviewing their lecture halls, classrooms and workspaces to see how they can be adapted to allow for better personal space and hygiene.

Some learning facilities may look to block off certain areas of a building so individuals cannot congregate or add hazard tape to the floor to emphasise the 2 metre rule.

However, there is a subtle, and certainly more stylish way to promote social distancing – using carpet tiles.

Whether it’s tile by tile or an entire space, Paragon Carpet Tiles’ products can be easily changed, making them ideal for creating flooring areas that help promote safe social distancing in colleges and universities. 

Measuring 50cm x 50cm, our carpet tiles allow for the creation of pathways and borders to ensure the 2m distance is kept. For example, laying four carpet tiles in a line, or creating a large square pattern on the floor, can help to make the 2-metre distance clear and obvious.

To help promote safe social distancing further, Paragon Carpet Tiles is launching a new range. Manufactured with safety in mind, the Social Distancing Carpet Tile range - which is due to be launched soon – provides a simple and effective way to adapt learning spaces.

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