Choosing the right school gate

As the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of school gates, Jacksons Fencing are experts in finding a gate solution for any situation, whether it's for pedestrians and vehicles entering the site, or access for sports pitches and emergency services.


Pedestrian gates should be of a framed design and employ galvanised adjustable hinges and fixings mounted behind the attack face. On outward opening gates, where the hinges/brace is mounted on the attack face, fixings should be of a galvanised ‘blind’ coach bolt design. All pedestrian gates should be fitted with locks and fixing features should match that of the fence.


Vehicular gates should be inward opening, of substantial framed construction, and employ galvanised adjustable hinges. They should be fitted with a galvanised drop bolts and a facility for padlocking (manual gates) or electro-mechanical locking (automated gates) which employ mechanical/electro-mechanical devices as applicable to hold gate leaves in the open position. The gate design and fixing features should match that of the fence.

Where automated gates are used, ensure they are CE marked and compliant with EU Directive 2006/42/EC; as important, the gates should be installed by Gate Safe Aware installers and maintained regularly for safe, reliable operation. It’s worth noting that since January 2010, eight automated gate accidents involving children have been reported in the UK, two of which were fatalities while the remainder resulted in children being trapped by the gates. Two of these incidents occurred in schools


Limited access points allow school staff to monitor comings and goings; factoring in vehicle access and pupil movement patterns at different times of day can make the space safer and more effective.


The gate design and fixing features should match that of the adjacent fence.It should not be possible to lift the gate from its hinges, and the hinges and lock should be protected in such a way as to prevent their use as climbing aids.

Care should also be taken in the design to ensure that cross sections do not inadvertently aid climbing.It should not be possible to pass under the gate when it is in the closed position.

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